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HOUSTON — Houston isn’t nicknamed the Space City for nothing! Besides NASA being in our backyard, there’s a man in town who calls himself the “Alien Hunter.” NewsFix caught up with Darrell Sims who showed us some cool stuff he says came from outer space.

Sims, a private investigator, claims he was once a G-Man and used those skills to uncover alien abductions.

“I come from an intelligence background with the Central Intelligence Agency in covert operations,” he explained.

Sims claims to have proof that life really does exist in the Cosmos.

“We have 1950 cases worldwide,” he said. “A lady came back with an implant [which] fell out of her eye in front of her boss at her desk and her boss is the one who made sure I got the implant, which I have with me today.”

Sims got into the business after he says an alien visited him as a child, and kept coming back until he was 17 years old.

While most recollections of UFO and alien sightings are theoretical, Sims collects and tests physical evidence from those who claim to have had a real alien encounter.

“A lot of these people do not realize if you’ve, in fact, had a real life UFO event where the entities actually touched you –  physically taking you. This sort of thing, abduction, whatever they want to call it…..they leave a physical trace on you in the infrared range,” he said.

Black light and infrared are just some of the technologies Sims use to detect traces of alien contact. That technique detects the temperature level on skin and detects a residue that comes from “out of this world.”

“Sometimes the alien entity will leave scars, cuts, lumps, bumps on them that make absolutely no sense,” Sims said.

Does it sound unreal to you? Well, many of Sims’ artifacts are featured in museums around the world, including Slovakia, Japan and Roswell, New Mexico.

“Some of the physical evidence that we’ve recovered from several abductees, suggests that these entities in fact may be biological and also have a metallic level in their biology,” Sims explained.

Sims showed NewsFix a set of spheres he says a young girl sneezed out after an alien came into her room and sprayed something into her nose.

So is this space fact of fiction?

“It doesn’t matter what I think, or what anybody thinks. It only matters what we can prove,” he said.

So….are you convinced? Are we really alone out here?