Houston’s ethnically diverse and changing daily

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HOUSTON – Hey Houston! Take a moment, look around and take it all in. Everywhere you look, from people, places and things, Houston is changing.

Dr. Stephen Klineberg is the co-director of the Kinder Institute for Urban Research at Rice University. He shared the findings of Houston’s economic and demographic transformations through the past 31 years.

He says the city has grown tremendously. During the oil boom years, the growth of the city was limited to Anglos. But that’s changed. Bi-racial southern cities have become some of the most ethnically diverse cities in the country, according to Dr. Klineberg.

One thing contributing to such growth is education, especially at community colleges.

“Community college systems are the most critical structures. They are the most important institutions of higher education. In the city, that’s when you take kids coming out of high school with very few skills and connect them to the technical jobs of the 21st century,” Dr. Klineberg said.

So the moral of the story is? Houston’s ethnically diverse and is changing every day. Sounds like instead of the Bayou City we can start calling Houston the melting pot city.


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