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HOUSTON – Maybe it takes an all-star effort to stop the violence and bring a community together– and that’s why a ‘Who’s Who’ of the Houston Rap scene has joined forces!

Yeah, rappers Willie D, Slim Thug, Paul Wall and others met with Mayor Sylvester Turner to try to find solutions to stop the inner city violence.

“There a lot of people in our city that have lost hope,” Mayor Turner said. “And people are feeling helpless. People in many ways are feeling disrespected, and these individuals here- these artists- they have collectively more power than I do.”

“Rap artists and Rap music have great, great power…great, great influence,” community activist Deric Muhammad pointed out.

And now these artists want to use that power to help the community move forward in a positive way.

“The cry today is going to be no more bloodshed,” Muhammad declared. “No more bloodshed. ”

Willie D says this group’s mission is to stop the violence, but also to “create an atmosphere of respect instead of discontent with our law enforcement. You know, it’s very important that people understand that when we say Black Lives matter, we’re not saying that Blue Lives do not matter.”

Some have said that kids on the street only listen if there’s bloodshed or money involved, so these rappers are taking the high road to put their money where their mouth is to bring about change.

“What we represent is hope for Houston,” Muhammad announced.

“We ain’t gonna talk about it,” Willie D told his Facebook followers. “We’re gonna be about it.”

So, the rappers went to open new accounts at Unity Bank in the Third Ward to help businesses grow and prosper at the community level and to be the change they want.

Perhaps rapper Paul Wall summed up their mission best. “Even if we save just one life,” he insisted. “It was a success.”