Houston’s Longfellow Elementary releases their list of what toys kids want this holiday season

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HOUSTON, TX – Stressing out about what to get your little ones this holiday season? The students at Houston’s Longfellow Elementary know what kids have on their wish list!

Every year, fifth-grade students at the school interview students in every grade level to see what the most wanted toys will be that holiday season. So listen up, moms and dads, these kids know what they’re talking about. For the past 14 years, the school has released their seasonal survey of what’s hot and what’s not. When it comes to toys, these kids aren’t playing around. Classics like dolls, action figures, sports equipment and movies all made a strong showing. but according to these kids, this year, cash is king! Most kids want money this year.

So there you go, why bother buying anything this holiday season when kids just want some big bucks! These kids might be young, but they definitely know what they want. Your wallet!


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