How do you talk to your kids about the Vegas shooting?

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HOUSTON–The mass shooting in Las Vegas has added another horrific moment to the American history books.

Today, October 3 is the 274th day of the year and according to the Gun Violence Archive, in 2017 there have been 273 mass shootings and counting.

“It’s almost an everyday thing now,” said Gamaliel Bermudez, a worried father of a two-year-old, deciding how to tell his son about the recent tragedies.

Some parents preparing to have this conversation about gun violence with their kids may be worried.

Psychiatrist and Chief Medical Officer at the Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD Dr. Daryl Knox tells parents that honesty is best when discussing these situations with children.

“Parents have to go with what the kids ask them,” said Dr. Knox.

“Wait for the child to ask you questions and answer those simply and without too much detail,” said Knox.

Dr. Knox also says although some would predict that these shootings will stop, the initial incident still affects them.

“I don’t know if people are desensitized, that might be a strong word but people are not surprised,” Knox said.

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