How Houston schools are keeping campuses clean to prevent kids from getting the flu

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HOUSTON — A harsh flu season means a rigorous cleaning routine at schools across the state.

At Kinkaid, lower school nurse Mary Gosnell said classrooms and offices are constantly being wiped down.

“Door handles, tables and desk tops are cleaned after school and the lunch tables, those are cleaned in the morning and then again after the kids eat,” Gosnell said.

Gosnell said instilling good sanitation habits starting at a young age is the key to keeping kids from getting sick.

“We stress the importance of good hand washing and covering their mouths when they’re coughing. If not using soap and water, using the hand sanitizers we have in all our classrooms. If they’re not feeling well, to immediately come to the clinic and we follow up by taking their temperature and seeing if they need to be sent home or to get checked at the doctors office,” Gosnell said.

If a student is diagnosed with the flu, they’re then quarantined from classes until symptom-free for up to 48 hours, as recommended by the guidelines with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“They have to be fever-free without any medications and not showing any symptoms of nausea or vomiting. Their first day back, they come see us and we will do an assessment before they can return to the classroom,” Gosnell said.

Most other school districts adhere to health protocols set by the state’s Department of Health Services and the CDC, which encourages kids to get their flu shot each year and stay at home if they do get sick.





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