HOUSTON (KIAH) — Here is some optimistic news. The number of monkeypox cases has gone down significantly in the past week, according to Harris County Public Health and the Houston Health Department.

As of the latest data on September 22, 2022, Harris County reported 794 confirmed cases of the virus – 608 of those in are in the City of Houston. Texas has reported close 2,196 cases.

And this is the good news coming from the health departments. The 14-day rolling case rate has significantly dropped. The rate is now 0.07 per 100,000 people.

Even with the drop in numbers, health officials are still urging anyone who meets the criteria to get vaccinated.

“We do have ample supply of vaccine for anyone who meets the requirements for a vaccine. There is no waitlist or wait time to receive a vaccine.”

Ericka Brown, MD, MBA, FACHE, Local Health Authority
Harris County Public Health

To read more about monkeypox, you can visit the monkeypox guidance page at ReadyHarris.org or visit HoustonHealth.org.