How much is Valentine’s Day shopping expected to hit in 2021?


HOUSTON (CW39) — How much cash are you willing to spend on Valentine’s Day? According to, Valentine’s Day shopping is expected to hit $50 million.

Discover CW39 Houston on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!’s latest Valentine’s Day survey found that 32.9 million Americans plan to buy a gift for more than one partner. Men are 20 percent more likely to purchase a gift for more than one partner than women — which is compared to about 6 percent.

Here’s a break down of’s survey:

  • 22.16% Gen Z is most likely to shop for more than one romantic partner
  • 36.55% of consumers will shop for their Valentine’s Day gifts on Amazon
  • 82.3. Million men will buy a Valentine’s Day gift opposed to 79.5 million women
  • 9.9 billion Millennials are expected to spend the most on their Valentine’s this season of love



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