How to make Legit Cold Brew Iced Coffee

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It's not as simple as just tossing some ice cubes in your morning pot!  A true cold brew is smooth, rich in flavor and less acidic than the hot stuff.  Here's what's involved...

  •  4 cups ground coffee
  • 16 cups cold water

In a large airtight container, combine the ground coffee and water. Stir well. Cover the container and let it sit for at least 10 hours. I think 18-24 hours is best!   Stir occasionally.

Using a sieve, carefully strain the liquid into another container or large bowl. Discard the coffee grinds and wash the original container. Strain the liquid once more using a coffee filter, returning it to the original airtight container. This mixture is your coffee concentrate.

To serve, combine one part coffee with one part milk, or add cream/sweetener as desired.  (Note that the concentrate is very strong.  If you use less milk, consider slightly diluting it with water.)

The cold brew will last for 1-2 weeks in the refrigerator.


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