HPD Shoot and Kills Double Amputee in Wheelchair

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HOUSTON, TX – Another Houston police officer has gotten himself into a case of mistaken weapon i.d.

Saturday morning, police say they arrived at a group home in southeast Houston. They were called because a schizophrenic man inside was allegedly having a bad reaction after being told he couldn`t have a soda and a cigarette. Jodi Silva with HPD said, ‘When officers arrived and went inside to speak to him he was situated in a wheel chair holding an unknown object swinging it at the officers.’

The unknown object that would eventually get him killed, was a pen.

Police say Officer Matthew Marin feared for the safety of himself and his partner after the man cornered them, so he shot and killed the 40 something year old man with the scary pen.

Did we mention the man was a double amputee who was missing an arm and a leg? That`s right, two-armed police officers were scared a handicapped man in a wheel chair waving a pen around was going to hurt them.

Just last week, a Houston man was shot when he was reaching for his cell phone, police thought it was a gun.

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