Earthquakes rock Iran and Oklahoma

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KHASH, IRAN – Mother Nature shook things up with a big ol’ earthquake in Iran that had buildings shaking from Delhi to Dubai. The U.S. Geological Survey measured the quake at a magnitude of 7.8 with its epicenter about 50 miles from the town of Khash. Government officials are reporting at least 40 deaths.

The quake also killed as many as six people across the border in Pakistan. The Pakistani meteorological department measured the quake at 7.9, close enough for government work.

The quake lasted for about 40 seconds in some areas, as can be seen in this home video said to have been taken during the quake in Pakistan.

At just about the same time the earth was moving in Iran, people in Oklahoma were getting knocked around by their own quakes, five of them with the strongest three centered on the tiny town of Luther.



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