Hugh Jackman has a hairy situation with stalker

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MANHATTAN, NY – There’s new buzz surrounding a famous Hollywood heartthrob, but in this case, that’s a bad thing. Aussie action star Hugh Jackman got more out of his workout when he was allegedly attacked at his gym by a woman wielding an electric razor. Her weapon of choice was filled with the woman’s own pubes! Eww…talk about a hairy situation!

47-year-old Katherine Thurston was charged with stalking the Wolverine actor. Cops claimed she burst into a New York City gym, asked Jackman, “we’re getting married, right!?”… then proceeded to pull a dirty electric shaver from her pants and chase the stunned “Les Mis” star around the gym floor, pubic hairs and all.

“She looked emotionally unstable,’ says Jackman. ‘She came in and it didn’t look kosher. She was crying and I think I heard her say something like ‘I love you'”

Neither “hide nor hair” of Thurston ever came in contact with the actor and she eventually dashed, leaving her razor with the funky follicles behind. NYPD is currently picking through the shaver, collecting the curly strands for DNA evidence.

This wasn’t the only run in Jackman had with this deranged fan. In the past, Thurston was also seen outside the stars home and also by his daughter’s school. But this last attack was certainly a close call, if not a close shave!

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