Hugo Chavez body too decomposed to be permanently displayed

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CARACAS, VENEZUELA – Hugo Chavez may be dead, but he apparently has some stroke with the guy upstairs. At least that’s what Nicolas Maduro wants us to believe.

Chavez’s hand-picked successor told a gathering in Caracas that the late president of Venezuela had a hand in the selection of Pope Francis.

The way Maduro tells it, Chavez told Jesus that it’s time for a South American pope, and, well, you know the rest.

You’d think that El Comandante would have put in a good word for Venezuelan cardinal Savino, but apparently not.

But we’re not through with Chavez . Take a close look at a photo of him in his casket, a really close look, and tell us what you see.

At least one news source says it’s a wax dummy and not the real deal.

An online Brazilian publication, Alerta Total reported two days after the funeral that Chavez died of cancer in Cuba, and that Cuban embalmers botched the job so badly that when the body arrived back in Venezuela, government officials had to scurry around to make a wax Chavez to take the place of the dead Chavez .

And now Venezuela Maduro seems to back up this inconceivable claim. He now says he may have to revise his goofy plan to display Chavez permanently, like Lenin and Mao, because the body is not in good enough shape for the Russian and Cuban experts to do their jobs.

We can’t wait for the next episode in this Chavez novella. Lord knows where he`ll turn up, or how.


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