Hugo Chavez’s body on display

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After days of crying in the streets -it was time to give Hugo Chavez some peace and quiet, even if just for a moment.

The man who ruled Venezuela for 14 years died of a heart attack after years of battling cancer.

The president`s death brought a slew of powerful people into Caracas.

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Cuban president Raul Castro -even Reverend Jessie Jackson was there, to pray of course. Absent from the large crowd was an American ambassador -we don`t have an embassy in Venezuela.

Understandable considering many of Chavez’s closest friends, are our biggest enemies.

If you ever take a trip down to Venezuela though -you will have your chance to see Hugo the great!

He may be a tad plastic like, but his embalmed body will soon be on display in a military museum.

Yeah no kidding -but hey if people loved you this much, you might want to stick around too!

Chavez will join Vladimir Lenin and chairman Mao in the creepy display hall of fame.

Guess Venezuelans aren’t easily grossed out -look at these crazy lines to view Chavez’s body just hours after his death.

We only get lines like that around here on black Friday!




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