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ATLANTA, GA – Could puppy love put you in bed for a week with a disease you can’t even pronounce?

Even though the risk is low, folks with low immune systems can pick up pet-bugs.

If you’re a cat person that harmless cat scratch could turn into something serious. That’s because cats carry Bartonella Bacterium, say that 10 times, this bacteria is bad news for babies.

But you aren’t immune if you’re a dog person.  They carry fleas and ticks that can bite you and cause Lyme disease, arthritis and heart complications.

That’s enough to make you reconsider all those puppy kisses!

And watch out lizard lovers,  iguanas, snakes and turtles could cause a rumble in your kid’s tummy followed by violent vomiting and the big D!

So how do keep from having a petastrophe? That’s an easy one.