Hunger Games: eating in vs. eating out

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Grego discusses the hunger games as in a new study reveals Americans are spending more on eating out than what they spend on groceries.

"Eating in versus eating out, to make your money stretch from check to check.  That thinking just might not make as much sense as it once did for a few reasons.  For one, food prices are higher than ever. From the Huffington Post, `if you believe food is expensive now, projections for the year to come predict that some of the increases may be higher than inflation. The largest increases are predicted to be with meat, fish and seafood, and vegetables.'  I don`t care what Gwenyth Paltrow says, my family can`t walk out of the grocery store for less than a hundred bucks, sometimes more.  It actually doesn`t cost that much more for us to eat out than at home. Point number two - especially at the restaurants that are order at the counter and sit with no waiters and waitresses. My apologies to you servers, but no worries, I`m a twenty plus percent tip where you work too!  Point number three - reason folks are opting to eat out is because we`re working longer hours and sitting in traffic that is obviously and statistically getting worse!  Who the heck wants to get home at seven, start cooking a meal, eat and then clean up by ten pm, when you can dial and have a pizza delivered in a half hour? The differences in cost between eating in or out is shrinking (provided the restaurants you choose aren`t super high-end).  And just wait until fast food workers get their raises and prices at the drive thru rise. Maybe we should ask ourselves exactly 'what' or 'who' is causing this extraordinary climb in food prices... hint, it`s not just because farmers and ranchers feel like it, think cost of doing business!"

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