Hurricane Patricia left her mark on Galveston

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Galveston is feeling the remnants of hurricane Patricia.

Derek Billiot described his experience, “This wasn’t no little storm, this was like a hurricane out here.”

A barge, anchored away from shore to wait “Pat” out, was dragged by the wind onto east beach.

Lt. Commander Stacy McNeer of the U.S. Coast Guard explained, “Very strong winds caused it to drag anchor/ The good news is, the barge is empty. We’re working with a salvage company to get the barge back off the beach.”

“The anchorage is way out there where that other one is, he drug that monster anchor all the way to the bank right here. It sucks,” added Billiot

And in the shadow of the beached barge, fishermen stand up to the gusty winds hoping for a catch but with little luck.

Guadalupe Sanchez said, “Too much wind today, not too much fish. It’s slow, only one flounder.”

OK, so maybe the wind is getting the upper hand, but you can’t blame a guy for trying.

All told, the island weathered the storm with reasonably little damage.
A lot of downed palm fronds littering the front yards for the most part.

One building, an old fire station, now privately owned, and already in severe disrepair, lost a wall of bricks onto the road.

“Thankfully it wasn’t any worse than what it was,” added McNeer.

Good thing Patricia slowed her roll on the way to town.


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