Hurricane season has been a dud. What gives?

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HOUSTON, TX – OK, storm geeks and weather watchers – you know what day this is? We’re at the peak of hurricane season folks, and no new thus far is great news. It’s been quiet!

Although, something suspicious is emerging in the Atlantic.

No, it’s not Godzilla. Tropical storm Humberto is forming off the coast of Africa and is poised to be the first hurricane of 2013.

The models are telling us Humberto represents no threat for anyone, just fish. But what gives? This storm season is a dud; as far as the experts who predicted an active season are concerned.

“If you look at conditions at the surface, the water’s been warm, the pressures have been right for storms to form, but there’s been all this dust that really clamp down in activity,’ explains SciGuy Eric Berger.

However, don’t throw away the bottled water and batteries yet.

“You can get lots of hurricanes in the second half of hurricane season. There’ve been seasons that started slow and finished up strong.  For Houston, I think we’ve got about two more weeks, so we really have to watch the tropics. I think we’re probably gonna get out of this year without a major impact.”

Here’s a prediction: let’s hope Eric is right, and these experts who predicted doom and gloom keep the bad karma coming! They should predict a losing season for the Texans. That will get us to the Super Bowl for sure.

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