Husband of former prison employee stands behind wife who may have been in on plot to kill him

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PLATTSBURGH, NY – And now it’s time for today’s installment of Prison Heat.

When we last saw former prison employee Joyce Mitchell, she was decked out in prison stripes and wearing fashionable shackle bling.

And now, we’re learning more about her possibly long and deep relationships with escaped murderers Richard Matt and David Sweat.

A source with intimate knowledge of the investigation says Mitchell and Matt had been doing their own jailhouse boogie, and that New York prison authorities investigated her for having an inappropriate relationship with Sweat.

Investigators say she secretly supplied the men with saws, drills, and glasses for about a year and a half before their June 6 breakout. Mitchell claims she didn’t know at first the men were going to use the tools to dig out of the maximum security prison.

"She was told by Matt that they were using those to stay up late at night to paint pictures or to read,” said Clinton County District Attorney Andrew Wylie.

Investigators say Mitchell backed out of her agreement to drive the men out of the area, leaving them to come up with a Plan B. But some investigators say she was Plan B.

"I honestly don't think that she was Plan A,” said Clinton County Sheriff David Favro. “There's been a lot of people that say ‘Well, if she didn't show up and got cold feet they probably went to a Plan B.’ I think she was Plan B.”

Part of whatever plan was to murder Mitchell’s second husband Lyle, who she may have been seeing when she was married to her first husband, who is probably real glad to be her ex-husband.

Mitchell’s attorney says hubby Lyle visited her in jail and stands behind his wife.

Given what’s happened, “behind” his wife may be the safest place to be.

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