Ice causes havoc on Houston roads

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HOUSTON – If you were one of the unlucky suckers who had to go into work Friday, it was not a day to be driving.

“I just hit an ice spot, and she just took off, went out of control. I wind up coming across the lane and wind up with a truck running into us,” says Darren Hayword, who crashed his truck on I-10.

Slick scenarios just like that played out all over city.

In a 12-hour period, the Houston Fire Department responded to 505 incidents, with 180 EMS-transports during the same time.

Bridges and fly-overs were the most treacherous.

The closure of the Fred Hartman Bridge left many drivers stranded, and with very few detour options.

While much of the area was at a standstill, the folks at Houston Transtar were hustling to get the word out.

“If you just watched the monitors here at Transtar, you see cars flipped over, accidents, cars not able to get up a hill,” says Harris County Judge Ed Emmett.

His morning message, Stay home!

But shouldn’t it be fine by now?

“The message that we’re trying to get out now, is that you still have to be really careful because unless it dries, then tonight it’s going to re-freeze,” says Emmett.

Think you’ve had a hard day?

These guys are taking care of business and working overtime.

“We’re going to decide what kind of force we’re going to keep here through the night, but I do anticipate staying here again all night,” says Emmett.

Well, at least it’s Friday, which means most of us won’t have to take on Ice-Armageddon this weekend.


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