If the Astrodome could talk, what it would say?

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The people have spoken and let’s face it, we heard what we’ve all known for years: there’s nothing wonderful about the “eighth wonder” anymore.  The Astrodome is about to have its last words.

So imagine if the dome could talk? What do you think it would say right now?

How about: “The debt was a downer.”

It’s been ten years since anyone significant played there and the county still owes $32 million on the dome! That likely forced some of you to vote against ‘more’ money.

How about: “My time has come.”

The original Yankee stadium, The Orange bowl and Cowboys Stadium — just some of the relics from another generation that don’t exist anymore.

If the dome could talk, it would likely say: “Put me out of my misery.”

We’ve seen the damage and the neglect. It’s like that car we all see rusting away on concrete blocks. Yeah, there may have been good memories in it once, now it’s just taking up space.

Admit it, the Astrodome has been like a zombie for years. It’s had no life, just wandering aimlessly through the political landscape. Finally, the ‘walking dome’ looks like it’s done.


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