Illegal gambling hall burns to the ground

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HOUSTON – Some days you get dealt a bad hand. Other times, you get unbelievably lucky. It’s the unknown that makes gambling fun! Except of course, when you lose it all. So, you’ve got to imagine that whoever’s behind a so-called “illegal gambling” house in Houston either has a really good poker face, or is ready to throw their cards on the table right about now.

An old house, which authorities believe to be a hot spot for illegal gambling, has been set on fire for the second time in four days. Investigator Robert Koryciak, with the Houston Arson Bureau told us, “The building was raided sometime in the past and was apparently an illegal game room… Sunday night there was a fire in [the] building and tonight we have another fire… It’s under investigation but it’s obviously an arson fire.”

After HPD VICE raided the joint a while back, it seems someone’s more interested in burning down the building than they are burning any cards at a poker table. Jeeze, hope they’re better at gambling than they are at arson! Anyway, cops are trying to figure out who’s responsible for the whole thing, but there seems to be a casino advantage, because so far it’s been a flop.

We’ll let you know when HPD hits the jackpot, and those illegal gamers learn what “Texas Hold ‘Em” really means!

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