Immigrant Youth Protest in Downtown Houston

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HOUSTON- Approximately a thousand immigrant youth and allies gathered in downtown Houston today to protest 287G. 287-G is a partnership between Immigration Customs Enforcement and local law enforcement that delegates authority for immigration enforcement within their particular jurisdictions. In a nutshell, the bill allows for the rapid deportations of undocumented immigrants living in Harris County.

Sheridan Aguirre, the Communications Coordinator for United We Dream, sees the partnership as unfair.

“We have people who will be stopped for very minor citations.” says Aguirre.

“And because of this program, it essentially creates a pathway for them to go through a deportation process rapidly. Here in Houston is actually the deportation capital of the nation.”

Alexis Molina, who attended the protest with his little brother, knows first hand about the potential negative effects of287(g) can have on immigrant families.

“My father is now in detention, due to the fact he got stopped.” says Molina.

“As a result of this contract 287(g), they detained him, and they have him in the detention center while he has his mentally handicapped son, which I’m currently looking after because I have hope that he’ll get out.”

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