Improving economy may be responsible for more divorces

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HOUSTON, TX – Good news, the economy is getting better! Good news for divorce lawyers, more couples can afford to hire them.

“We’ve all heard that couples stay together because of the kids, but now they’re simply staying together because they simply can’t afford the $15,000 price tag of a divorce,” says sex therapist Dr. Viviana Colesm. “Whether it’s amicable or not, it’s still a huge chunk of change.”

At the end of the recession, in 2009, divorces were at a 40 year low. In 2012 the number of American couples kicking each other to the curb has risen for the third year in a row.

Hard times didn’t create stronger marriages but forced couples to stay in unhappy situations, says a university of Maryland study.

As divorce lawyers may be jumping for joy, we learn that money problems not only cause divorces, but may keep married couples hostage.

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