In Russia, bathtub + phone= electrocution

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MOSCOW, Russia - Well, it took a while but Facebook has finally killed someone. Okay, technically it wasn’t Facebook, it was the knock off Russian version known as VK.

Moscow resident Evgenia Sviridenko is a VK user. The 24-year-old was “soaking up” friends’ updates while soaking in her bathtub and charging her iPhone. Yeah, you can already read the writing on the bathroom wall can’t you.

Sviridenko’s phone fell into the water and gave her the shock of her life. Her roommate found her but it was too late.

It must be something in the Russian water because this is the second iPhone electrocution this week. A 16-year-old girl was electrocuted and died when she took her charging iPhone into the shower.

Charger are supposed to “trip” and cut power to prevent electrocutions but neither did so Russian authorities are investigating to determine why and whether it was an Apple product or a knock-off.

Nothing is certain but death and taxes and if you multi-task with electricity in the shower or tub, then let’s just say, you won’t have to worry about taxes.


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