Inconsistency when it comes to guidelines for Ebola

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Grego sounds off on how poorly the U.S. has been handling guidelines when it comes to the Ebola epidemic.

"How you doing? Ebola on the mind? Or does the upcoming holiday season have your attention diverted? Flying? Think about not only the "big E",  but germs, sweaty people and sickness you'll rub up on at in airport terminals and planes!  Because no one likes getting sick and a hemmoragic fever can really ruin your day!  It's a concern wouldn't you agree?  I'm headed to New York for Thanksgiving, and can I tell you honestly, I'm conflicted. As a parent with kids in tow, I know the chances are miniscule but isn't my (our) responsibility to make sure they're safe?  There's been more than one argument between Mrs. O and I over it!  One problem, until today's interim guidlines, the federal government has put forth no definitive Ebola policy, at least one they're willing to stick to!  Quarantine passengers for 21 days,  no let them go home and trust "on their honor" that they'll stay there for 21 days, but quarantine troops coming from the hot zone in Italy for 21 days. Which is it?  Almost immediately, when New York governor Cuomo and New Jersey governor Christie decided to act, what happened? The White House calls (not the CDC or HHS).. the White House and says "now don't get carried away with policies not grounded in science." Really? They ought to take their own advice. Quarantined, now released, nurse Kaci Hickcox is threatening to sue claiming human rights violations.  What is wrong with the U.S. response to Ebola is politics and political correctness.. Therefore, the likelihood we'll see more cases pop up. Fly safe! I know I won't."



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