Inside Story: How’s your Happy Hour etiquette?

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HOUSTON — Ever hit a happy hour spot just to find out the person at the next table may have had one cheap drinks too many? Have you sat down, ordered off the happy hour menu and thought I should have brought a date?

Well, before you drunk dial, put the phone down and listen up! We’ve got some happy hour etiquette tips that just might save you from utter embarrassment in today’s Inside Story from the pages of Houstonia.

First, please don’t be a drink hog.

Don’t sit at the bar downing pint after pint for 2 hours. No one appreciates the guy ordering four cocktails at time. It’s not a competition. Pace yourself. Don’t be a food hog either.

Don’t show up at the last minute of happy hour ordering a dozen drinks and appetizers.

That guy’s the reason so many good people in the service industry get burnt out. Stop it.

Be classy — don’t schedule happy hour for a date!

Also, unless you met in a coupon clipping chat room, never under any circumstances make happy hour your spot for a first or even fifth date. Isn’t that what a coffee shop is for?

To read more about happy hour etiquette and the best spots to drink on the cheap pick up this month’s issue of Houstonia.


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