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HOUSTON — When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston a year ago, Houstonians risked everything to escape the rising waters. Truckloads of our neighbors landed on the doorsteps of the GRB with pets in tow.

And that’s when the shelter inside the shelter came to life!

Salise Shuttlesworth, director of the Heights-based Friends for Life no kill adoption and rescue shelter, made a mad dash to establish order for hundreds of pet owners. Drop zones and collection points were organized for donated pet food, kitty litter, leashes, crates and every other supply imaginable including medicine.

The Friends for Life volunteer network was activated and Pet Exhibit Hall A shelter was established. And within 24 hours nearly 700 animals were triaged. Some receiving vet care for the first time. And when it was all said and done they saw 1,500 of our best friends taken care of.

It’s truly amazing how in the face of crisis, the Bayou City bands together to save the whole family and remain Houston Strong.

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