Internet Regulations are the latest on road to Big Brother

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Grego sounds off on more government regulations. This time, those in authority are  looking to regulate the internet.

"Another example of a massive power grab by our government is to regulate the internet 'to fix a problem that doesn't exist with authority it doesn't have.'  The words of FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai about a new 332-page document of regulations, set to go into effect February 26, giving government control of every aspect of the web! Similarly modeled after Obamacare, with the legal foundation for the takeover coming directly from the President. What it means first and foremost to you and I, is internet access is about to get more expensive. Like a phone service, universal service fees are going to skyrocket! The government poised to collect eleven billion dollars in new taxes, but that's just the beginning.  Already there is serious talk about regulating web sites, and content, especially those voices that are critical of Big Brother.  Why aren't we hearing more about it?  Why can't we  read what's being proposed until after it goes into effect on February 26?  Why in a free market economy is another service operating with plenty of competition being hijacked by government?  Do you think this is how a constitutional republic of the people is supposed to function?  I have my thoughts and feelings to  explain it but I feel it's better if individually we investigate to understand why. Meaning, first you have to care enough and then decide how to tame what's become a power-hungry bureaucracy and give it back to the people, or not,  and eventually we can all dress in our little red commie uniforms and pledge total allegiance to a 'dear leader' because that's where we're headed."

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