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T’was the night before Christmas and at a Houston Home.

A family was celebrating, thinking they were alone.

When from another room a window did break

and for the Christmas intruders, this house was a mistake.

That’s because Houston Police say one of the people inside the home shot and killed a man who broke in. “The son takes out a weapon, fearing for their safety, and fires his gun at the suspect,” said Houston Police Sergeant Joshua Horn.

There were three people inside when the break-in occurred around 9:45 Saturday, two parents and their adult son, who shot the intruder.

Police say the man was able to get into the home through the back, possible right through the back door. But when they looked at surveillance from the family’s cameras, it showed he wasn’t alone. “We were able to take a look at the surveillance and we saw at least another young male with this male attempting to break into the home.” said Sgt. Horn.

The other suspect was the one who broke the front window, ultimately alerting the family to their presence. He was able to run off and get away before cops showed up to the scene. Police don’t have any idea why they tried to break into a home while the lights were on and cars were in the driveway, but it’s a choice that cost one of them their life.