Inventor of classic game Operation can’t afford his own medical operation

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CHICAGO, Illinois - It took steady hands to play his game, but now he's hoping for a hand-out. It might sound like fun and games, but the inventor of the popular, battery-powered board game "Operation" now finds himself not able to afford a real-life operation. Talk about a buzz kill!

John Spinello, 77,  holds a small spot in pop culture history by being credited as the inventor of the Milton Bradley game "Operation" 50 years ago. But because of a dud-deal the then 20-year-old made with the major toy design company, John has mostly received some fame over the years, but not much funds.

He only got two checks (totaling a whopping 500 bucks) and a promise of a job, which John claims he never got. But the money he got 50 years ago isn't enough to cover his rising medical costs today. Spinello needs $25,000 to pay for much-needed oral surgery and coming to his rescue are the now grown fans you played his game all those years ago.

As of October 27, a campaign's raised more than $1,300 for Spinello. Fundraisers are also planning to auction off the inventor's original game prototype in December. They're expecting that piece can fetch more than $35,000 for the ailing game maker.

A touching story about a game of "touch", and its inventor who is in need of a helping hand.


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