iPhone 6 fire brings Lithium Ion battery dangers to the forefront

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HONOLULU, HI - As if Apple didn't have enough going on already, an iPhone 6 caught fire while a woman was watching a movie...on a plane!!

Anna Crail tweets her life flashed before her eyes on her flight from Washington State to Hawaii, as the phone started to spark, and eventually caught fire.  Luckily the crew was able to put it out prior to any serious tragedy.

The lithium ion batteries in hoverboards are known to explode, which is why they’re not allowed on planes anymore! The dangers of similar batteries is why e-cigs can`t be stowed in checked luggage, and must be added to carry-ons.

If lithium ion batteries are so dangerous, is there an alternative on the way?  Published just last week, a group at M.I.T. is fleshing out a concept for a Magnesium battery. It`s theorized that not only would it be safer, but could also out perform modern day batteries.

Because personal electronic devices on planes aren't going to go back in Pandora's Box without a fight.

Although when you're at 35,000 feet, do you really want to worry about spontaneous combustion? Then again, how many of us really consider these things catching fire in our pockets? Gives a whole new meaning to the term, “hot pants.”


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