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CUPERTINO, Ca. — Apple is making headlines again, but not because their new iPhone 6 sports some great technology like an HD Retina Display or Wi-Fi-calling. Nope. The world is talking about the slim uni-body design that bends

This iPhone should be called iBend. New owners using hash tags like “Bendghazi” and “Bendgate” lit up the Twittersphere and Blogosphere with pictures of their bent iPhone 6s. One blogger even tested the claims. “Unfortunate, but under the pressure of my hands it does bend significantly.” The thin aluminum frame and flexible glass are to blame but the real problem- those who choose to pocket their iPhones while wearing skinny jeans.

And we’ll give it to you straight- if your phone is bent, then leave it. The blogger found out why, “As I attempted to bend it back to its original form, it cracked in that location and it also cracked the glass on the screen.”

No word yet from Apple if they have a fix or what’s around the bend for customers.