Is Columbus Day really a reason for celebration

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Do you know what today is?

“Columbus day,” according to Drew St. Peter.

But, is Columbus really a reason for celebration?

“In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue, it’s an important day,” added St. Peter.

Angie Kamman said, “It’s based on when Columbus discovered America, or supposedly when Columbus discovered America.”

“I don’t care, I think that we need to start thinking about the people who lived here before Columbus got here. He didn’t really discover America, there were already people here, and I think that we should be celebrating indigenous tribe day,” explained Lou Weaver.

Which is the case for several cities and states around the country who’ve renamed the day, like Seattle and Berkeley, and the entire state of South Dakota.

“No, it’s Columbus Day, you go on the Texas school calendar and they call it Columbus day,” said St. Peter.

“It’s just another holiday. I think the children need to be in school, my opinion,” said Nacole Lofton.

Where ever you stand, a day off is a day off.



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