Is Dallas safer than Houston?

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DALLAS, TX-- Is living in Dallas safer than living in Houston? It is if you believe a new study done by

They picked the top 50 safest cities in the Lonestar state, and you have to drop down to seventh on the list to find anything near Houston. That's where Friendswood ranked. Property crime is less than 1%, and CNN Money called them one of America's best places to live.

Resident Aisha Loy agrees, "I'm from South Texas, from Brownsville, and when I was looking to leave, I researched the best place to live, the safest place to live. And that's why I chose Friendswood."

"The law enforcement here in Friendswood does a wonderful job of taking care and fighting crime," says Dwayne Rouse, a retired Friendswood police officer. "They're very proactive in the community."

"I don't have to worry about my kids playing outside," says Lucinda Bright, a mom who grew up in the city and came back to Friendswood to raise her own kids. "Everyone watches each other's kids. It's a close community."

Seabrook grabbed the 12th spot on the safest Texas cities list.  Right on Galveston Bay, there is less than a 1% chance that you will experience violent crime there, according to the study.

Kate Smith knows that first hand, having grown up in the seaside town, "My parents haven't locked their doors pretty much ever. I don't even have a key to my parents' house because the back door is always unlocked."

Two cities within our city limits made the list: West University at #18 and Bellaire at #46.

Sugar Land was just above that at #45, Pearland at #42 and Missouri City at #34.

Meanwhile, seven of the top 10 slots went to suburb towns near Dallas, including Keller, Southlake and Flower Mound.

Fort Worth suburb Colleyville took the top spot. Out of nearly 23,000 folks living there, the study says only 48 have experienced violent crime. That's a stark contrast to Houston, where last year, someone was killed about every 30 hours, according to HPD stats.

So maybe Dallas is better than Houston.

Naaaaaaaahhhhhh! Who are we kidding?! H-town may be a rough ride sometimes, but how could the city that gave the world Barney and hotel elevator music -- yeah, that's on you, Dallas--- compare to our awesome town?

Don't believe the hype, Houston, we're great!  And only gettin' better.





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