Is Houston prepared if it became a target?

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HOUSTON, TX – Terrorists prey on the unsuspecting. No place is truly safe.

In light of the Boston Marathon attack; would Houston be prepared if it became the target?

Steven Karpas, Managing Director of the the Houston Marathon Committee was part of a delegation that was in Boston during the attack says, “I was in a vicinity of the finish line area, so we saw the immediate activity. It’s something that I wish I would not have seen.”

Was yesterday’s attack a scare tactic for others, including Houstonian’s? Should we avoid attending large events? Give terrorists what they want?

Houston Police Department Chief Charles McClelland said in a statement: “There is no evidence of any credible threats here in Houston and our citizens can be assured that we, along with our local, state and federal partners, are continuously monitoring intelligence gathered in Boston.”

“Security has become more and more important and necessary for many years now,’ says Karpas. ‘This incident in Boston just ramps things up once again.  We’ll look at our logistics and adjust accordingly.”

The BP MS 150 Houston to Austin bike ride is going on as scheduled this weekend, and the Astros start a new home stand Friday.

Business as usual, we all hope.



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