Is it Hitchcock Hour? Eerie flocks of black birds invade Houston

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HOUSTON — Houston has been attracting some serious Hitchcock movie vibes lately as thousands of birds descend on the Space City — and it's straight creepy!

The birds have been taking over parking lots across the city. Nicknamed "devil birds," these freaky flyers are more commonly known as Great Tailed Grackles. They're in the middle of their annual winter roost and migration, and Houston is one of their pit stops.

But it's not just Grackles; the birds are equal opportunists.  Several different breeds ban together to make surreal flight patterns that almost look fake. Maybe our country could learn a thing or two from these friendly fliers who make it work no matter their breed!

These ballsy birds are also pretty fearless and have a lot to say, but if you're the type to shoot lead into anything you deem a "nuisance" be careful.

Our feathered friends are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918.

So it's illegal to kill, harm or harass them.

Forget about making Grackle stew and matter how many of them appear, there's nothing to fear!



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