Is racial profiling still rearing its ugly head?

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PHILADELPHIA, PA - Two different victims.   Two different coasts.  Same issue.

Could it be racial profiling????

We all know how important high school yearbooks can be. The way we look, the way we dress, the clubs we belong print for all eternity.

In California, the family of a Muslim 11th grader is outraged. The name ISIS appears under her yearbook photo, forever.

Is it just a case of mistaken identity, or something more sinister?

Bayan Zhelif wore an Islamic head-covering on picture day. When the high school yearbooks were delivered, her picture was labeled Isis Phillips.

Bayan posted on Facebook she is "saddened, disgusted, and hurt." And she said the school called it a typo.

Another student says the school had a student named Isis Phillips who transferred earlier this year.

Attorneys with the council on American-Islamic Relations are investigating and so is the school, hoping to turn the page on the controversy.

On to the East Coast, a flight from Philly to Syracuse was delayed for two hours because an economics professor was working on math problem. Clearly, something didn`t add up.

Turns out, the woman next to Professor Guido Menzio slipped the flight crew a note saying Menzio was scribbling some sort of terrorist plan on his notepad.

Menzio was actually just cleaning up some details for a presentation he was giving at Queens College.

The curly-haired professor actually managed to laugh at this mistake. But he believes, like so many others, emerging racial attitudes are no laughing matter.



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