Is the growing trend of marijuana legalization a good thing?




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Grego poses the question of whether or not the growing trend to legalize pot is a good thing.

“Disclaimer: marijuana is illegal in Texas and in no way do we endorse its use which is breaking the law. So don`t.  I am pro-marijuana legalization though. Washington D.C.  joins Colorado, Washington state and Alaska in allowing recreational weed use. But you know it`ll be a long time if ever before it`s legal in the Lone Stoned State. New studies confirm pot isn`t as dangerous as alcohol, by a lot, and its health effects may have been overstated. We do ‘know’ it definitely isn`t good for the developing brains of teenagers, linked to schizophrenia and other psycho problems. Beyond that I was thinking, what will the long-term effects be on society with a growing population of dope smokers? Certainly it won`t be all good! Maybe you have discipline but many will be career stoners on the couch playing video games with no jobs, living on public assistance. The people from abroad that come here buy an education, motivated to succeed will might have plenty of work! Will a passive ‘stoned’ generation be even more easily lied to and ruled over by an oppresive government because they`ve lost the will to care? Costs associated with accidents, insurance claims and in lives lost from the pot equate to the damage hard-core alcoholics do.  Will the U.S.`s scholastic and intelligence rankings drop further down the list for developed countries?  I don’t know. Is the selfish need to burn down recreationally not medicinally or is there even a difference, worth the consequences for our children`s children? Things to ponder when you have time for some deep thoughts man!! Because you know the expression,  there`s no free munch!”



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