Is your breath kissable for Valentine’s Day? Maggie puts hers to the test

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HOUSTON — Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day approaching. But will your breath make cupid faint?

Dr. Harold Katz aka “America’s Bad Breath Doctor” paid a visit to Maggie Flecknoe, of EyeOpener, to make sure everyone has kissable breath.

Dr. Katz says a lot of foods can cause bad breath and make you “unkissable”.

For instance, chocolate is a problem because it has a lot of sugar in it. So whether its breath mints or gum, read the ingredients. Sugar feeds the bacteria that causes bad breath.

Number two, you have to keep your mouth as moist as possible. That’s why alcohol can be a problem. Alcohol makes your mouth dry.

Dr. Katz says what’s really important is drinking plenty of water. Look for fruits and vegetables and that contain a lot of water as well, like strawberries.

Enough talk it was time to put Maggie’s breath to the test with Dr. Katz’s digital testing machine, the Halimeter. It measures the amount of bad-breath-causing compounds in a person’s mouth. Sexy right?! See how kissable Maggie is.

If you’re unsure about your breath check out “The Bad Breath Bible,” written by Dr. Katz. You can call his office for a free copy and some products at: 1-800-557-6960.

Kiss that bad breath goodbye.

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