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BRUSSELS, BELGIUM – Carnage and chaos after bombs explode at the Brussels Airport and the Maelbeek metro station.

Three bombs went off within about an hour. Two at the airport.

Authorities say the attacks killed more than 30 and wounded more than 100.

Three Mormon missionaries are among the wounded. Church officials say they were at the airport to see off another person who had passed through airport security when one of the bombs exploded.

The US European Command says one American serviceman and his family were victims to some extent, but the military is not releasing more information due to privacy concerns.

President Obama, speaking in Cuba said “we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally, Belgium, in bringing to justice those who are responsible, and this is yet another reminder that the world must unite.”

The official ISIS news agency claimed responsibility. The statement in French and Arabic said the attackers wore explosive belts and carried machine guns. It also said ISIS carefully selected the targets, which suggests centrally directed and coordinated attacks.

Belgium authorities released security video of three men they believe were responsible for the airport attacks. Two of them wore black and are believed to be the suicide bombers, because their right hands are bare, probably so they could hold the detonators. Police in Europe have put out a dragnet for the other guy.

Over the weekend Belgium police arrested Salah Abdeslam, believed to be the ringleader behind last year’s Paris attacks. They say he was planning more attacks in Belgium, but they haven’t linked him to these new attacks.

Meantime, the night brings mourning to the people of Brussels and Belgium.