ISIS document leak reveals identities and contact info on 22,000 jihadists

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LONDON, ENGLAND – ISIS has a pretty sophisticated recruitment process that includes what to pack, where to go, and who to contact when you sign up to be an international man of terror.

Now, thanks to tens of thousands of documents, we know more about Islamic State’s human resources department.

The documents leaked to Britain’s Sky News contain the names and other personal information on 22,000 ISIS jihadists from 51 countries, including the United States.

Sky news says a Free Syrian Army convert had second thoughts about his bad-guy buddies, and turned over a memory stick stolen from the head of ISIS’s internal security police. (You can bet shareef won’t like it when this rocks the casbah.)

What appears to be a standard employee form asks for the usual information you’d find at any terrorist business: name, fighter’s name, previous employer, special skills.

We couldn’t find a line for “attempted suicide bombings” or the number of successful attempts, which we assume tops out at “one.”

ISIS also dropped a new music video in its popular “Death to America” series.

This one includes a new, English-speaking man who says Americans can expect a Paris-style attack soon.

The video ends with the customary beheading, but this time the executioner stops half way and stares into the camera to make his point, or to convince human resources he deserves a raise.



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