ISIS posts personal information of US military personnel, calls for their murders on US soil

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WASHINGTON, DC – American troops could be targets of Islamic State terrorists. Not overseas, but here at home.

A group calling itself the Islamic State Hacking Division put out a kill list of about 100 members of all branches of the US military, and called on its lone wolf brothers in America to kill them in their own lands and to stab them to death as they walk their streets.

The group claims to have hacked into military servers, emails, and data bases to obtain the photos, names, and addresses of military personnel who took part in air strikes in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Somalia.

The Pentagon says the information did not appear to come from a breach, but from information already publicly available. The Marine Corps recommends marines and family members check their online and social media to make sure privacy settings limit personal information.

Also, ISIS released another video, this one of the murders of three Kurdish soldiers in Iraq. The video appears to be an attempt to keep Kurds from fighting ISIS.

In Washington, the Pentagon says it’s pulling all remaining US military personnel out of Yemen. That’s about 100 special operations forces.

And that’s because of the rise in civil unrest in Yemen, including last week’s suicide bombings at two mosques that killed nearly 140 people in the capital city of Sanna’a, where ancient grudge breaks to new mutiny, where Shiite blood makes Sunni hands unclean.

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