ISIS releases latest in series from kidnapped Brit John Cantlie

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KOBANI, Syria – The northern Syrian town of Kobani seems to be the hot spot these days.

Kurdish Peshmerga fighters are on their way to help Kurdish fighters already in Kobani beat back ISIS fighters.

And Kobane appears to be the setting for the latest ISIS video from kidnapped British photojournalist John Cantlie. This time Cantlie says he’s in the heart of Kobani, “in the heart of the so-called PKK safe zone, which is now controlled entirely by the Islamic State.”

Analysts aren’t sure when the video was made, but they say it has the same high-quality production as previous Cantlie videos: shot in high-definition with two cameras, imitating television journalists reporting from the scene.

In Houston, Israel’s ambassador to the US, Ron Dermer, says defeating ISIS is no good if Iran is left to develop nukes.

“We think it’s important, not only to defeat ISIS, we think it’s important to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. We think if you are defeating ISIS, and you leave Iran as a threshold nuclear power, then essentially you’ve won the battle and lost the war.”

But for now, the Kurds in Kobani are more concerned about whether their reinforcements will show up in time.



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