ISIS threatens POTUS and Pope

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MACDILL AFB, FL – "When terrorists come / to your neighborhood / who ya gonna call?"

Well, it sure ain’t Ghostbusters, at least that’s what President Obama told the troops at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida. “When the world is threatened, when the world needs help, it calls on America. Even the countries that complain about America, when they need help, who do they call? They call us."

Even as President Obama was talking tough, US intelligence was looking at a new video from ISIS. It looks like a response to the president’s vow to ultimately destroy the terror group.

The video shows explosions, and flames burning up American troops. It also has shot of President Obama at the white house, and closes with the message: "the flames of war, the fighting has just begun."

Pope Francis may also be in the ISIS crosshairs. Iraq apparently told the Vatican ISIS may try to kill the pope during his visit to Albania on Sunday. Vatican officials say the trip goes on as planned.

Back in this country, there’s word that ISIS is using social media to call for “lone wolf” terrorist attacks in New York, Las Vegas, and on mass transit systems.

New York’s police commissioner William Bratton says there's no need for alarm, just yet.

"There are no credible specific threats to this city at this time based on our latest intelligence. But the reality of the emergence of the new potential threats out of particularly the Syrian conflict is something we cannot ignore

But those lone wolves may already live here, Mufid Elfgee. Federal authorities charged Elfgeeh with buying weapons and ammo from an FBI informant as part of his plan to kill US soldiers and Muslims in the US.

Elfgeeh was born in Yemen, but he’s also an American citizen who was living in Rochester. And that brings the wars in Iraq and Syria a little too close for comfort.


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