It’s cold out there, Houston

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HOUSTON, TX – It’s been cold as ice, Houston: the coldest day in three years. We’re glad you’re warm and cozy now reading this article.

Temperatures plummeted in much of the US. Imagine if the seasoned cold weather pros in Chicago and Minneapolis had to cancel school, this polar vortex must be some serious stuff.

The cold front over Houston will last until Wednesday. But these low temperatures can be fatal for the thousands of folks living on the streets.

“We are sending our Hope-and-Action van out again,” said Scott Arthur Director of PR for Star of Hope. “To number one let these people on the streets know that we are there for them, we care for them. And second of all, let them know that they have the opportunity to get into the van and come and get shelter.”

It’s good to know there’s people who care. So now go make sure your loved ones are safe, cuddle up to your significant other and when the time is right, let your inner fire do the rest.



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