It’s no secret fried food is a big attraction to the rodeo

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HOUSTON, TX – When you’re heading out to the rodeo, you better go hungry. You’ll find almost anything fried you can imagine.

“We fry everything we have except for our drinks,” says Norma Bower, owner of Fried What. “An Oreo cookie with chocolate chip cookie dough on it, then we batter and fry it.”

A new delight to the rodeo is Polish food. From blood sausage to pierogis on a stick, Polonia Restaurant has you covered.

“Polish food is very homey food, very authentic.  We have a restaurant here in Houston and we decided it would addition to the rodeo this year,” said Sharon Szpak of Polonia Restaurant.

To celebrate rodeo foods, of course there has to be a competition. The sixth annual Gold Buckle Foodie Awards.

“We’ve got 8 categories,” says Harry Miller with the World Championship BBQ Committee. “Best fried food, best food on a stick, best value, a lot of food for a little bit of money, best deserts. Great categories out here.”

All categories are judged by local celebrities.

So, if you think these folks are coming for the rides or animal, you’d probably be wrong. And if you expected to stay on your diet, fat chance.

“We don’t charge anything for calories they’re all free,” said Bower.

Keep your calorie counter at home and enjoy!

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