Jaded or Cynical: Enough with the lies

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Grego sounds off on the ramifications of lies told by people we trust.

"V.A. Secretary Robert McDonald has apologized for a fib he told a homeless guy about serving with special forces when actually he was a member of the 82nd Airborne Division.  Not the first politician to lie, god help us! Ever take someone at their word when in hindsight a degree of skepticism was needed? Of course, we all have! Your word may be your bond but people lie, all the way to the level of sociopath. Recently news anchor Brian Williams was busted for telling a tall military tale! Get burned enough and you can end up becoming 'cynical' or 'jaded.' Now, there`s a debate on which is worse.  I say jaded - meaning with experience you`ve made up your mind that 'this is the way it is' without taking into consideration the facts particular to each situation. It`s like your go to opinion when you don`t feel like thinking, Where as a cynic's head is in the game, actively trying to figure each situation out to the best of their ability. I also read. 'Cynicism is essential for survival,  being jaded is the result of being insufficiently cynical.'  Got to think about that one. You can try to spot a liar watching their eyes, body language, tone of voice.. and still not get it right, but I feel we need to hold people accountable for what they say.All people including family, friends, co-workers and especially elected officials and even world leaders!  Honesty, integrity and justice is integral to freedom.  So stay cynical, try not to get jaded. because when we stop fighting for truth, we all lose."

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