James Bond named Askmen’s most influential man

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MONTREAL, QUEBEC – The year’s almost over and it’s time to look back and decide that all important question that sums up our greatest accomplishment for 2012.Who was the most influential man this year? The king of kings? The ‘jefe de todos los hombres’? Barack Obama? Bill Gates? Mark Zuckerberg?

Oh no.

According to a poll conducted by Askmen.com, the most influential man of 2012 is none other than… James Bond.


Ian Fleming’s 1953, make-believe super-spy takes the cake this year as top dog leaving a long list of real people in his wake.

Number two was world’s-fastest-man Usain Bolt, followed by Bill Clinton in third.

Could be the unreal times we’re living in these days that led to an unreal person taking the prize, but it’s still a win for Daniel Craig who redefined the role of 007 in 2006 and has been taking names ever since. The latest James Bond epic, Skyfall, hits theaters this month and if these guys want a leg up on how to win votes, maybe they should come with tickets in hand.


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