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HOUSTON, TX – If there’s anything Houston is known for it’s diversity. In fact, Ft. Bend County was recently named one of the most diverse places in the U.S. and when it comes to food, fusion is the name of the game.

Welcome to Japaneiro’s.

“Japaneiro’s is not like a regular place,” waiter Jaun Zapata says. “It’s a place where people enjoy food. It’s a phenomenal fusion.”

If sushi is your thing, you’ve found your place.

“For those people who are new to sushi, sushi doesn’t mean just raw fish,” Manager Jason Molinos explains. “There’s a lot of different things – gateway sushi we call it – to kind of get you in that door, and once you’re there, the journey never ends.”

But if Latin spice is more you’re style, they’ve got that, too.  And if you want both? Hop on in.

“We have our personal touch for sushi,” Juan Zapata explains, “with the plantains that you can see with the avocado, with the jalapenos. But at the same time we have great steak, we have great pollo milanesa.”

It’s a family place that’s been up and running in Sugar Land more than thirteen years. And the eclectic menu isn’t entirely by design. Chew on This: when the family moved to Texas from Argentina, they knew two things: churrascaria-style cooking and fresh fish. The result?

“I’ve never tasted anything so fresh, and their flavors are amazing,” regular customer Angelique Rivera tells us. “The way they mix it with the Latin fusion, I really like it.”

You could call it Asian fusion. Or Latin eclectic. But really, it’s Houston to a tee. After all, diversity never tasted so good.